Q. Where can I purchase the ticket?

  • Advance reservation is scheduled to be sold on this website (NANO-MUGEN FEX. Official Site) ahead of the general sale date (June 5th) during the following schedule
    Starting 10:00 am,, March 22nd (Tue) until 11:00 pm, April 10th (Sun)
  • Further advance reservation is scheduled. More info. will be announced here on this website.
    Reservation number is not the order of the venue entry.
  • Regular ticket sales will start on June 5th (Sun). Telephone information of each ticket agency will be posted on the website. Advanced pre-order tickets will be planned as well. Please check our website as well.

Q. What are the types of tickets? 2 day ticket available?

  • 2 day ticket is only available on this official website. After official website advance reservation, each has to purchase tickets for both 16th and 17th of July.

Q. I cannot make it to the festival, and I would like to sell my ticket...

  • Purchased tickets cannot be changed or canceled.
  • Private sales or transferring of tickets are strictly prohibited. Individuals found entering the event unlawfully will be taken into police custody for whatever the reasons. Re-sold tickets become invalid, entrance will be declined and compensation for such actions will be charged. Recently buying and selling in a ticket tout or via internet auction have become a great problem. Artists have been appealing to prohibit such unlawful acts.
    We recommend you to purchase tickets through our official website: advanced pre-order tickets, or at one of the official ticket agencies; Ticket Pia, Lawson Ticket, or e-plus, to avoid any trouble.
  • After all, NANO-MUGEN FES 2011 is where performers, staff, and audience all come together to enjoy the time and event.

Q. Any cloak service?

  • Cloak will be available in the venue
    However we cannot accept obvious oversized items, valuable items, cash.
  • Please be aware that the cloak might close due to space availability.

Q. Can I bring my own Food and Beverages

  • You will find an area for food and drinks in the festival site. Bringing in of food and/ or drinks from outside the venue is prohibited.
  • Neither food nor beverages except water is permitted in the arena standing area and stand seat. Eating and drinking must be in the food court only.

Q. Will it be possible to smoke in the venue?

  • Smoking in the venue is prohibited. However a designated smoking area will be situated. Please smoke in the designated area.

Q. What time will the festival end?

  • The festival is scheduled to end past 21:00.
    However, due to the nature of the event, there is a possibility that it may end a little earlier or later. Please check for the time of the last train beforehand.

Q. Will it be possible to make a re-entry?

  • After entering the venue, you cannot make a re-entry once you leave the venue. However, if you have 2days pass, you can re-enter the venue.

Q. Any dress code?

  • Although NANO-MUGEN FES. is an indoor event depending on the temperature of the actual day and performance condition, sensible temperature may very.
    Please be sure to wear something comfortable like t-shirt and jeans or something which keeps your body dry. We also recommend you to bring a towel.
    Also be sure to wear comfortable footwear since your feet may get tired or sore from standing all day. We do not recommend heels.

Q. lost tickets…

  • Tickets will not be re-issued for any reason. Guests will not be able to enter the venue without tickets. Please be careful not to forget it on the day of the event.