Q . Does the ticket show any color or reference number?

  • NANO-MUGEN FES.2012 will not have any color or reference number written on the ticket. Order of entry into the venue will be the order when you come in. We will sell the official merchandise in advance on the day of the event (time unknown); therefore, we may restrict your entry accordingly to the situation. Overnight camping in the vicinity of the venue is strictly prohibited. Please be respectful to the neighbors and community in the vicinity.

Q . When will I know the schedule of the event?

  • Schedule will be posted on the actual day of the event and will be handed out when you enter the venue.

Q . Is there a map of the festival site posted anywhere?

  • We will post a map of the venue on our website soon and will also hand out an area map on the day of the event.

Q . I’d like to sell my ticket since I’m not able to show up…

  • We cannot change or cancel your ticket. Private sales or transferring of ticket is strictly prohibited. Individuals found entering the event unlawfully will be taken into police custody for whatever the reasons. Re-sold tickets become invalid, entrance will be declined and compensation for such actions will be charged. If any problems of private sales or transferring of ticket happens, it will then be solved between individuals.
    We, the organizers and performers of NANO-MUGEN FES.2012, would like our guests to come enjoy the event.
    Please stop any unlawful action.
    We appreciate your support and understanding.

Q . Can we bring our own food and drinks to the venue?

  • Please refrain from bringing your own food and drinks. There will be food and drinks sold in the food court. Neither food nor beverages except water is permitted in the arena standing area and stand seat. Eating and drinking must be in the food court or lobby.

Q . Can I come back into the festival after leaving the venue?

  • Once you leave the venue, you will NOT be able to re-enter into the festival site.

new!!Q . What time will the show end?

  • Scheduled ending time of the show is 21:30.
    Depending on how the event proceeds, please understand if time may shorten or extend.
    (We suggest that you check the time for the last train etc. beforehand)