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Tickets and Entry

  • NANO-MUGEN FES.2014 will not have any colors or reference numbers on the tickets for entry. Order of entry into the venue will be the order when you get to the entrance gate.
  • We are planning to sell NANO-MUGEN FES. 2014 official merchandises on the day of the event (time unknown) before the actual event begins. We may restrict your entry accordingly to the situation.
  • Overnight camping in the vicinity of the venue is strictly prohibited. Please be respectful to the neighbors and community in the vicinity.
  • Order of lineup will be announced on the day of the event.
  • Festival site map and schedule will be handed out to you when you enter the venue.
  • 2-day tickets are only available for purchase on the NANO-MUGEN official website from Apr.11th via the official pre-order lottery system.
  • 2-day tickets are non-transferable, only valid for one person per ticket. It is strictly prohibited to transfer or share among others.
  • If you’ve missed the official pre-order lottery period and plan to visit the event for both days, please purchase tickets individually.
  • 1-day tickets are only valid for the date printed on them.
  • Purchased tickets cannot be changed or canceled.
  • Tickets purchased through the official pre-order ticket lottery system will not determine the order of entry into the venue.

2-day Ticket Holders

  • 2-day ticket holders are asked to come through a designated gate.
  • 2-day tickets will not have any colors or reference numbers on the tickets as well for entry.
    Order of entry into the venue will be the order when you get to the entrance gate.
  • We may restrict your entry into the venue depending on the situation of the crowd for both days (12th&13th).
  • 2-day ticket holders will be asked to come through a designated gate, present ticket and exchange for a wristband on first entry.
  • 2-day ticket holders will be asked to show a stub of the 2-day ticket to enter into the venue on the 2nd day. Please make sure to bring it along with you.
  • If you don't have a stub with you on the 2nd day, you may be asked to be last to enter the venue.
  • Please keep in mind that for whatever reason it may be, we will NOT re-issue your wristband if lost, tampered, etc.. Please be extra-careful of handling your wristband.
  • The wristband of the 2-day ticket must be used only by the purchaser, and not to be shared by multiple persons.

**Illegal Resale of Tickets**

  • Reselling or transferring of tickets is strictly prohibited. Buying and selling in a ticket tout or via an internet auction is a crime. Individuals found entering the event unlawfully will be taken into police custody for whatever the reasons. Re-sold tickets become invalid, entrance will be declined and compensation for such actions will be charged.
    If any problems of private sales or transferring of tickets between individuals occur, it will then be the responsibility of the individuals to solve the problems. We are not responsible for any caused trouble due to unlawful acts. We, the organizers of NANO-MUGEN FES.2014 and artists wish for a safe and enjoyable event for all. Please stop and be careful of getting involved in dangerous unlawful acts. We appreciate your support and understanding.

Festival Site Information

  • Once you enter the venue, you’ll have access to Arena Standing Area through the Stand Seat Area.
  • For safety reasons, Arena Standing Area will be partitioned in blocks. You may go to any block of your choice but each block admission is controlled by capacity.
  • Depending on each block capacity, we may ask you to wait for entry.
  • After entry is restricted, we may ask you to queue to get in, please understand that your preferred block will not be guaranteed in such a case.
  • If you cannot get into your preferred block due to over capacity, please move to a vacant block.
  • Please be careful of the stairs when moving across Arenas.
  • Please do not reserve/save your space inside the block, especially the block in front of the stage.
  • Please do not view from the aisle of the Arena Standing Area, always stay inside the block to view the performance.
  • Please do not lean over from the chairs of the Stand Seat Area, it is an extremely dangerous act.
  • Do not reserve your seats in the Stand Seat Area by leaving your personal belongings. It will cause inconvenience to others. Please share seats among others. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
  • If the festival staff locates unattended personal belongings on the seats of the Stand Seat Area, they will be taken away.
  • Sponsors, venue, or artists are not responsible for any accidents, thefts, etc. occurred inside or outside the venue.
  • There are gaps between steps and behind seats in Stand Seat Area. If you drop any of your belongings, we cannot collect them for you due structural reason.
  • Once you leave the festival site, you cannot re-enter the site.
  • Filming and photo shooting in the venue is scheduled during the event, including Stand Seat Area and Stage Area. Please authorize in advance for usages in public medias.


  • This festival is not an all-nighter.
  • The event is scheduled to end around 22:00.
    Depending on how the event proceeds, time may shorten or extend.
  • Tickets will not be refunded due to artist cancellation.
  • The Festival may change rules to assure smooth operation. We’ll update information on the website and in the venue at all times. Please check and cooperate for any changes made. We appreciate your understanding. Also, tickets we will not be refunded due to change of rules.
  • If in any event of cancellation, tickets will not be refunded, and all the costs associated with this cancellation such as travel expenses will not be compensated.
  • Visual and sound recordings with cameras, tape recorders or any other recording devices of such are strictly prohibited. All recorded datas will be deleted, if found.
  • No moshing, diving, and/or any other dangerous acts that may risk other attendees’ safety.
  • The organizer is not held responsible for any injury of the attendee/attendees at own fault. If injured from prohibited dangerous acts such as dive or mosh, first aid emergency measures will be taken; but thereafter, organizer will not be held responsible. Hence, if a third party is involved and injuries occur from such acts, it's the responsibility of the involved parties. The organizer will under no circumstances intervene or take part in troubleshooting between parties.
  • Please refrain from any behavior that can cause annoyance to others inside and outside the festival site. For those not following instructions will be asked to leave the venue under compulsion. In such a case, there is no refund of the ticket, and/or no compensation of transportation fees, etc.
  • Event organizer, venue, or artists will not be held responsible for any accidents, thefts, etc. occurring inside and/or outside of the venue.
  • Please be responsible for all your belongings.
  • There is no customer parking in the site. Please refrain from parking illegally in the vicinity.
    We advice you to take public transportation.
  • Overnight camping in the vicinity of the venue is strictly prohibited. Also, please respect the communities in the vicinity of the venue.
  • We suggest you check the time of your last train/public transportation in advance.
  • Please dispose trash according to its recycled category.
  • Bottles, cans, or any other dangerous articles prohibited by law are not allowed in the venue.
  • Leisure mats and/or any other items, which may cause trouble to other attendees, are prohibited.
  • Ticket must be purchased for any child who is older than 3yrs. old. We kindly ask parent/s or guardians to take responsibility of the child/children.
  • Day/Night care center, baby beds, will not be available in the festival site.
    Baby strollers are not allowed in the venue.
  • Children are prohibited in the front block of the stage for safety reasons.
  • For disabled guests, please notify the service station in advance.
    DISK GARAGE 050-5533-0888 (weekdays 12:00~19:00)

Food and Smoking

  • You'll find an area for food and drinks in the festival site. Bringing in of food and/or drinks from outside the venue is prohibited
  • Neither food nor beverages except water is permitted in the Arena Standing Area and Stand Seat Area. All other beverages including juice and alcohols, and/or food are prohibited. Eating and drinking must be in the food court or lobby.
  • Drinking alcohol or smoking by minors is strictly prohibited. We may ask for a piece of ID when an alcohol is served.
  • Please smoke in a designated area.

Physical Condition

  • Please look after your health condition by drinking water and taking rests in between since the festival will take place over a long period of time
  • Please be sure to wear comfortable footwear. Platform shoes or heels may cause injuries.
  • Although NANO-MUGEN FES. is an indoor event, depending on the conditions of the actual day, temperature may vary. Please be sure to wear something comfortable like t-shirts and jeans or something to keep your body dry, we also recommend you to bring towels.
  • Please inform the staff near you in case of illness or injury.
  • Please be sure to wear comfortable footwear. Platform shoes or heels may cause injuries.