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Ticket PIA : WebSite

Special access number: 0570-02-9900 (P code is unnecessary)
General number: 0570-02-9999 (P Code:230-794)

Lawson Ticket : WebSite

Special access number: 0570-00-6969 (L code is unnecessary)
General number: 0570-084-003 (L Code:77861)

e+:WebSite (PC / mobile)
 * Please apply for tickets after confirming further details of pre-order service charge
  and ticketing on the website of the designated box office.
  • Anyone over 3 years old MUST have a valid ticket in order to enter the site/venue.
  • Once you enter the venue, you'll have access to arena standing area through the stand seats.
  • There will be TV cameras filming the event throughout the site. Please understand that the organizer does not need any form of consent to record/tape the people and performances.
  • It is strictly prohibited to illegally sell or transfer a ticket or wristband.
  • For more information: Disk Garage 03-5436-9600 (Weekdays: 12:00 - 19:00)


  • ¥500 yen cash back for Elementary/Jr.High/ High school students!!
  • Cash back price is ¥500 also for 2-day ticketholders.
  • An ID to prove the age of the elementary student is required. Please show student ID for Jr.High & High School students.
  • Cash back is only valid at the site on the actual day of the event.
  • We do not refund if you don’t have any piece of ID or proof,

List of previous pre-order tickets

● 2014/5/20 〜5/26(Mon) 2nd round official pre-order ticket lottery period has ended.
  ⇒ <Lawson ticket>entry confirmation
  ⇒ <Ticket PIA>entry confirmation
  ⇒ <e+>entry confirmation

● We have closed the 2-Day Ticket pre-order ticket lottery session at this time: Apr.11th (Fri.)-Apr.17th (Thu.) 2014 click here